The Columbia University Band Alumni Association brings together the scattered but enthusiastic alumni of the Marching Band, Concert Band, Wind Ensemble and Jazz Band. For Bandies past and present, we arrange social and networking events, including an annual reunion each October at Homecoming. And through mentoring, fundraising and gentle badgering, we try to make today’s Columbia Band even better than we were.

We’re a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. If you believe in the Band, click your heels together three times and then click here to do your part.

Homecoming 2015 Schedule

Homecoming is almost here!

Homecoming is almost here!

It’s almost time for our first Homecoming under the New Era of Columbia Football, with our annual gathering at Baker Field and then an informal get-together in the evening near campus, at 1020 Bar. Here’s our schedule for the day, Saturday, October 17.

1:30-3:00 – Come to the CUBAA table in the alumni tent at Baker Field to schmooze with other Band and Wind Ensemble alums, watch clips from Meet the Professor (the Band has a starring role in this 1935 short film) and buy copies of the Carnegie Hall CDs.

3:00-6:30ish – Cheer along with the Band as we watch the Lions play the Quakers. Bring your instrument and play along if you feel like it! The Band welcomes alumni participation. FYI, kick off is at 3:30. Halftime is estimated to start around 4:45.

8:00 – Join us at 1020 Bar on Amsterdam between 110th and 111th for an alumni-band event that hopefully will include some singing. The bar’s management knows we’re coming and will be setting aside the back of the space for us.

And finally, take a moment to listen to NPR’s podcast series on the latest iteration of the football program. Guess who provided some of the music for some of the episodes? The band!

Hope to see you all on the 17th, either in the stands or at 1020.


Homecoming 2015 – Save the Date!

September is here, which means one thing: band season is about to start! We’re planning to have our annual reunion at Homecoming on October 17 – but we’re also adding a twist this year. In addition to our regular gathering up at Baker Field, we’re going to be getting together with the current band to have an evening of singing after the game. We’re still hammering out details but mark the date in your calendar!

Also, we’ll have a table in the big tent on the day of the game and will be selling CDs of the band’s appearance at Carnegie Hall.

Homecoming 2015
Columbia vs. Penn
Saturday October 17, 2015

Kickoff: 3:30 PM (halftime is estimated at around 4:45).

After game gathering: around 8:00 at the Morningside campus.

Reunion May 30 — and more updates!

REUNION MEETUP. Our annual reception will take place during the University’s Reunion Weekend, on Saturday, May 30, from 4 to 6 p.m. We’ll meet in a tented area on Ancel Plaza, the space east of Amsterdam Avenue surrounded by the Law School, East Campus and International Affairs, where the kind alumni folks will treat us to good things to eat and drink; from the main campus, cross the bridge to the Law School and turn left. You’ll have a chance to see the Columbia Band’s motion picture debut, a long-forgotten 1935 musical short called “Meet the Professor!” The Band is seen and heard (it’s a talkie, kids!) for a good chunk of the film, showing its versatility in such numbers as “Who Owns New York?” and Wagner’s Prélude to Act III of “Lohengrin”; not to be missed.

SUMMER FUND DRIVE. Sometimes success has a price. As the Marching Band’s recruitment and retention continues to improve, the cost of keeping the group in instruments, keeping those instruments in repair and supplying all the other things needed to perform at sports and other events grows as the Band grows. We’re working with the CUMB managers as they seek more support from the University. (The Band, after all, does more than almost any other student group to foster community spirit, on the field and on campus.) We also believe in doing what we can as alumni to help along the way. The Wind Ensemble, with smaller financial needs than the Marching Band, does admirable, innovative work with their music program for city school kids and has started to add chamber group performances to its regular schedule of full ensemble concerts; it also deserves our support. So from Reunion in May to Homecoming inOctober, we’re asking alumni to consider making a donation. It’s tax deductible. And yes, if you have an unused instrument in the back of the closet, we’ll take it and give you a nice receipt acknowledging your gift. To offer an instrument, email To make a cash donation, see our website’s Support page.

CARNEGIE HALL ON CD. Also at the reception on May 30, we’ll introduce our souvenir recordings of the Columbia Band at Carnegie Hall, documenting performances with Lehigh in 1963 and with Harvard in 1965. Each concert package consists of two CDs and a 28-page booklet of photos, ads, programs, complete personnel lists, reviews and more. The base price is $30 per concert, but buy at least one of each, or two of the same concert, and they’re just $25 apiece. Or, if you’re feeling generous, a donation of $60 or more to our summer fund drive will bring the set of your choice as a thank-you; we’re a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, so this donation will be tax-deductible to the full extent permitted by law. If you can’t pick up your copies in person on the 30th, we’ll mail them to you and eat the cost of shipping. Click here for easy on-line ordering.

BACK IN THE PRESENT. The Wind Ensemble finished the academic year with performances by chamber groups and by the full ensemble. Small groups took part in a campus classical concert sponsored by the Columbia College Student Council, and the entire CUWE offered a concluding concert in two open-air venues a few days apart: onein the shadow of Alexander Hamilton (CC1778), beneath the dorms of Van Am Quad, the other at the 116th Street entrance to Riverside Park; the year-end program, following tradition, consisted of pieces chosen by graduating seniors. Meanwhile, the Marching Band also closed out its year in fine form with its own traditional spring performances:welcoming admitted students in April at Columbia’s annual pre-frosh program, Days on Campus; cheering on last-minute filers in the Band’s regular Tax Day ceremony on the steps of the City’s main post office; and, of course, disturbing the midnight peace inButler Library with music and gags at Orgo Night, a ritual now at least 40 years old and still playing to an SRO house. The group also made a first-time appearance marching at the 12th annual Persian Parade in midtown. How about that?

Whether you’re in a reunion class this year or not, if you’re within hollering distance of campus, come say hello on the 30th!