Save Orgo Night!

In December, the University administration made a decision that the band couldn’t put on its regular Orgo Night show inside Butler Library over concerns that the performance would interrupt students who wanted to study. Despite a heroic effort by our alumni and the current Marching Band leadership, the administration held to its position. The story captured the imagination of campus publications and beyond, with Spec, Bwog and some outside press reporting. We are now working with the band and our extensive alumni base to work to get Orgo Night back to Butler.

We’ll be using this page to update our members on what’s going on, including regular updates progress as well as articles written by the marching band’s alumni and friends in support of bringing Orgo Night back to Butler.

Below are links to a series of pamphlets addressing the university administration’s action to ban the Band from performing its traditional Orgo Night show in Butler Library. The full text can be found by clicking on the links below, or by visiting the main page. Please feel free to share the text with your Columbia alumni friends and contacts so that we can ensure that the university administration knows that this issue is not going to fade away quietly. Also, please post this content and/or the link to the URL on your Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. The object is to shine a spotlight on this issue and make sure that the discussion keeps going.  Thank you for your continued support.

In Defense of Orgo Night, by Alexander Hamiltonius

#1: Orgo Night Is A Proud Columbia Tradition, The University’s Claimed Rationale Is Obviously False, and Any Actual Concerns About Quiet Study Space Easily Could Have Been Addressed Without Evicting The Orgo Night Show From Butler Library.

#2: The Value Of The Orgo Night Tradition.

#3: Columbia Administrators Have Failed To Properly Weigh And Balance The Competing Interests Of The Relevant Stakeholders.

#4: Quiet Study Requestors Probably Don’t Exist.

The Solution

The solution is for the administration to reverse this misguided policy and to restore Orgo Night to its traditional Butler 209 location.  If additional study space is needed on the night of future performances, and if the university determines that already open space is not sufficient, then another library should be kept open for a few extra hours.  It really is that simple.

Action is needed now.  Discussion, if the administration wants to have some honest discussion, should take place openly and with full disclosure of the motives, facts, and evidence.  Anything less is unbecoming of Columbia.