Homecoming 2015 Schedule

Homecoming is almost here!

Homecoming is almost here!

It’s almost time for our first Homecoming under the New Era of Columbia Football, with our annual gathering at Baker Field and then an informal get-together in the evening near campus, at 1020 Bar. Here’s our schedule for the day, Saturday, October 17.

1:30-3:00 – Come to the CUBAA table in the alumni tent at Baker Field to schmooze with other Band and Wind Ensemble alums, watch clips from Meet the Professor (the Band has a starring role in this 1935 short film) and buy copies of the Carnegie Hall CDs.

3:00-6:30ish – Cheer along with the Band as we watch the Lions play the Quakers. Bring your instrument and play along if you feel like it! The Band welcomes alumni participation. FYI, kick off is at 3:30. Halftime is estimated to start around 4:45.

8:00 – Join us at 1020 Bar on Amsterdam between 110th and 111th for an alumni-band event that hopefully will include some singing. The bar’s management knows we’re coming and will be setting aside the back of the space for us.

And finally, take a moment to listen to NPR’s podcast series on the latest iteration of the football program. Guess who provided some of the music for some of the episodes? The band!

Hope to see you all on the 17th, either in the stands or at 1020.


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