Columbia to slash funding to Marching Band by 60%

We thought you should be up on this devastating news from campus regarding the Marching Band. The headline is that next year the Band’s budget, already lowest in the Ivy League, will be slashed by 60 percent. This story in the Columbia Spectator explains it pretty well.

We’re going to be doing our best to try to engage the administration to explain to them the error of their ways. They want school spirit? They want a sense of community and support for Lion athletic teams? And they go after the student group that provides all that like no other? Meantime, we’ll be working on ways to keep the Band in business.

I hope you’ll join us in registering your disapproval by reaching out to:

1. the alumni office at 877-854-2586
2. Dean James Valentini (212-854-2443 or and Dean Cristen Kromm (212-854-6806 or .

And as the calendar moves toward Columbia Giving Day on October 24 and year-end charitable donation time, we hope you’ll think of shifting some of what you might donate to Columbia to us instead so we can continue to help the Marching Band and the Wind Ensemble. If you disapprove of the administration’s short-sightedness, a gift to CUBAA would be a good way to show it.

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