• Samantha Rowan


  • Samantha Rowan BC96
  • Steven Greenfield CC83
  • Morgan Robinson CC08
  • Kevin Gould CC12
  • Peter Andrews CC14

Advisory Board

  • Joe Klein CC58
  • Ed Coller CC63
  • Dan Carlinsky CC65
  • J. Donald Smith CC65
  • Christopher Sten CC77/B79
  • Dennis Klainberg CC84
  • Cathy Webster CC87
  • Liz Pleshette CC89
  • Betsey Benagh CC/SEAS94
  • Mike Schiraldi SEAS00
  • Mark Tabry SEAS07
  • David Albert SEAS08
  • Stephanie Tarras BC10


The philosophy of the band is to do the unheard of and to do it first; to be a little more than kin and less than kind; to chameleon-like take whatever form is needed for whatever occasion arises.

— Frank Mirer ’66CC (trumpet, head manager), The Lion’s Road, The Columbia Football Magazine, Nov. 6, 1965